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About Flash

Flash Jewellery is unique. Our purpose is to create original jewellery, which inspires and empowers the wearer. Designed for the Modern Woman, our collections contain a combination of versatile, everyday jewels, paired with solid, statement pieces; all of which are handmade using the high-quality metals and semi-precious gemstones. 

Flash Jewellery has humble beginnings. Designer and Founder Nina Flash Gordon began crafting metal from the young age of 15 with her Father in his car parts garage. Having studied silversmithing and worked within the metal design industry; Flash is a creative outlet combining Nina's interests in both metal and fashion. 

Flash has been featured in such publications as Australian Vogue,
British Vogue, Fashion Quarterly NZ, Remix Magazine, Viva and Fashion
Journal Australia and worn by Lorde, Broods Music, Carmen Hamilton of
Chronicles of Her and Yamin Suteja.